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Life and Works of Vincent Van Gogh

Author : Anderson, Janice


Vincent van Gogh does not belong to any painting ‘school’, though he shared with the Impressionists a feeling for light and colour, and like them, preferred to work out of doors. The quick brushstrokes of the Impressionists suited his temperament, as did his heavy use of impasto. This helpful volume shows many of van Gogh’s best loved works, including the famous self-portrait with a Bandaged Ear, painted after he had cut off part of his ear in a fit of madness, Sunflowers, which were to him a symbol of power and beneficence, and The Starry Night, a painting which clearly expresses intensity and mental turbulence.

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Format : Hardcover
Condition : Like New
Edition : HC Reprint, Illustrated
Publisher : Parragon Book Service Ltd
Date Published : 1994
ISBN : 1858135907
ISBN13 : 9781858135908

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