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Hunting for Hidden Gold (The Hardy Boys #5)

Author : Dixon, Franklin W.

Timber wolves, a Rocky Mountain blizzard, and a mine cave-in are only a few of the perils Frank and Joe Hardy encounter during their search for the members of a notorious gang responsible for a payroll robbery.

In the old Montana mining camp of Lucky Lode, the young detectives puzzle over a series of mysterious events. A piano-playing ghost haunts the long-abandoned dance hall; eerie blue lights flash from the hilltop cemetery in the dark of night; strange men arrange a meeting at Shadow the Bear, and a suspect disappears through a curtain of frozen ice.

Are these events related to the men who kidnapped the boys in Chicago on their way to Montana? Who booby-trapped the helicopter which flew the young detectives to the ghost town? And what ever happened to Bart Dawson who seemingly deserted his gold-mining partners twenty-five years ago? Frank and Joe cleverly fit the scattered pieces of this dangerous puzzle into place, and come up with an astonishing solution.

Edition : Reprint
Format : Hardcover


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Condition : Like New
ISBN13 : 9780448089058
ISBN : 044808905X
Date Published : 1928
Publisher : Grosset & Dunlap

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