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Scary Stories for Sleep-overs

Author : Welch, R.C.

What terrifying secrets does the hermit’s cave hold? Why does David insist on leaving the lights on at night? What is that new girl at school hiding? Brave enough to find out the answers? Then Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs is for you! With demented youngsters and their creepy pets, abandoned houses and their chilling secrets, each terrifying tale in Scary Stories will captivate you until the thrilling end. Turn a camping trip or slumber party into an adventure in fright, or for the extra-fearless, read Scary Stories alone!

Edition : Reprint
Format : Paperback


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Condition : Very Good
ISBN13 : 9780843129144
ISBN : 84312914
Date Published : 1991
Publisher : Price Stern Sloan

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