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The Pushcart War: 50th Anniversary Edition (The New York Review Children’s Collection)

Author : Merrill, Jean

The pushcarts have declared war! New York City’s streets are clogged with huge, rude trucks that park where they want, hold up traffic, and bulldoze into anything that is in their way, and the pushcart peddlers are determined to get rid of them. But the trucks are just as determined to get rid of the pushcarts, and the result is chaos.

The pushcarts have come up with a brilliant strategy that will surely let the hot air out of their enemies. The secret weapon: a peashooter armed with a pin. The target: the vulnerable truck tires. Once the source of the flat tires is discovered, the children of the city joyfully join in with their own pin peashooters. The pushcarts have won one battle, but can they win the war against a corrupt mayor who taxes the pins and prohibits the sale of dried peas?

Edition : Anniversary
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9781590178195
ISBN : 159017819X
Date Published : 2014
Publisher : NYRB Children's Collection

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