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Katy No-Pocket (Sandpiper)

Author : Payne, Emmy

Katy Kangaroo is sad because she has no pocket in which to carry her son, Freddy. While all the other kangaroo children ride comfortably in their mothers’ pockets, poor Freddy has to walk. This makes Freddy sad, too, and tired! But one day Katy has an idea: why not find out how other animals carry their babies? She asks crocodiles, monkeys, and birds how they carry their children, but none of their methods seems to work. Finally, when the wise old owl suggests a plan, Katy and Freddy take off for the big city. There she finds enough pockets to carry Freddy and all of his friends!

Illustrated by H.A. Rey

Edition : Reprint, Illustrated
Format : Paperback


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ISBN13 : 9780395137178
ISBN : 0395137179
Date Published : 1973
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin

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