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The Marshmallow Incident

Author : Barrett, Judi

From the creators of the bestseller CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS comes another zany, laugh-out-loud picture book!

The Town of Left and the Town of Right are separated by a dotted yellow line, and no one on either side can remember how things got to be this way! One day, an unlucky citizen crosses the line–forcing the Order of the Ambidextrous Knights who guard the border to take action. Unfortunately, the only ammunition they have around is marshmallows–50,000 boxes worth! So begins the Marshmallow Incident, a tale of Left and Right, and Right and Wrong, with an incredibly silly but delicious dose of Mallo-Puffs and Marsh-Pillows thrown in. Kids will read it once and then beg for s’more!

Edition : Reprint, Illustrated
Format : Paperback


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ISBN13 : 9780545236928
ISBN : 0545236924
Date Published :
Publisher : Scholastic Inc

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