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The Story About Ping

Author : Flack, Marjorie

Ping was an adventurous duck who lived on a beautiful wise-eyed boat on the Yangtze River. He liked his life on the riverboat just and liked his large family and his kind master. He didn’t like to be the last in line to board the boat at night, for that unlucky duck got a loud spank. So what did Ping do when it seemed that he would be the last on line? What else but set out on his own to explore the fascinating world of life on the Yangtze River.

The Story about Ping is one of the best-loved and enduring children’s books, both for its spirited and irrepressible hero and for its beautiful evocation of a distant land and way of life. Every child can sympathize with a dawdling duck who wants to avoid a spanking, and share his excitement and wonder as he sails down the river.

Edition : Illustrated
Format : Paperback


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ISBN13 : 9780140502411
ISBN : 0140502416
Date Published : 1977
Publisher : Puffin Books

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