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Tintin in America (Adventures of Tintin #3)

Author : Herge


Join Tintin and Snowy–the world’s greatest adventurers–as they solve thrilling mysteries around the world!

Tintin come to the U.S.A to clean up the mean streets of Chicago! Though he outsmarts a group of gangsters, one gets away. Tintin is hot on his trail, tracking him into the Wild West But in this foreign land full of tricks, traps, and obstacles, it seems like everyone is out to get him! Will Tintin learn who to trust, get to bottom of America’s crime, and make it back home?

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Format : Paperback
Condition : Like New
Edition : UK Edition
Publisher : Egmont Books Ltd
Date Published : 2002
ISBN : 1405206144
ISBN13 : 9781405206143

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