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Leviathan (Penguin Classics)

Author : Thomas Hobbes

‘The life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short’

Written during the chaos of the English Civil War, Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan asks how, in a world of violence and horror, can we stop ourselves from descending into anarchy? Hobbes’ case for a ‘common-wealth’ under a powerful sovereign – or ‘Leviathan’ – to enforce security and the rule of law, shocked his contemporaries, and his book was publicly burnt for sedition the moment it was published. But his penetrating work of political philosophy – now fully revised and with a new introduction for this edition – opened up questions about the nature of statecraft and society that influenced governments across the world.

Edition : Penguin Classics
Format : Paperback


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Condition : Like New
ISBN13 : 9780140431957
ISBN : 0140431950
Date Published : 1982
Publisher : Penguin Classics

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