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Edgar Huntly, Or, Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker (Penguin Classics)

Author : Brown, Charles Brockden

Edgar Huntly, a young man who lives with his uncle and sisters (his only remaining family) on a farm outside Philadelphia, is determined to learn who murdered his friend Waldegrave. Walking near the elm tree under which Waldegrave was killed late one night, Huntly sees Clithero, a servant from a neighboring farm, half-dressed, digging in the ground and weeping loudly. Huntly concludes that Clithero may be the murderer. He also concludes that Clithero is sleepwalking.

Edition : Reprint
Format : Paperback


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Condition : Good
ISBN13 : 9780140390629
ISBN : 0140390626
Date Published : 1988
Publisher : Penguin Classics

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