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Jane Eyre (Signet Classics)

Author : Bronte, Charlotte


A gothic masterpiece of tempestuous passions and dark secrets, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre has an introduction by Erica Jong.

Charlotte Brontë tells the story of orphaned Jane Eyre, who grows up in the home of her heartless aunt, enduring loneliness and cruelty. This troubled childhood strengthens Jane’s natural independence and spirit – which prove necessary when she finds employment as a governess to the young ward of Byronic, brooding Mr Rochester. As her feelings for Rochester develop, Jane gradually uncovers Thornfield Hall’s terrible secret, forcing her to make a choice. Should she stay with Rochester and live with the consequences, or follow her convictions – even if it means leaving the man she loves? A novel of intense power and intrigue, Jane Eyre dazzled readers with its passionate depiction of a woman’s search for equality and freedom.

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Format : Mass Market Paperback
Condition : Good
Edition : Reissue
Publisher : Signet
Date Published : 2008
ISBN : 0451530918
ISBN13 : 9780451530912

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