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Babel Tower

Author : A.S. Byatt


Babel Tower follows The Virgin in the Garden and Still Life in tracing Frederica Potter, a lover of books who reflects the author’s life and times. It centers around two lawsuits: in one, Frederica — a young intellectual who has married outside her social set — is challenging her wealthy and violent husband for custody of their child; in the other, an unkempt but charismatic rebel is charged with having written an obscene book, a novel-within-a-novel about a small band of revolutionaries who attempt to set up an ideal community. And in the background, rebellion gains a major toehold in the London of the Sixties, and society will never be the same.

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Format : Hardcover
Condition : Very Good
Edition : First Edition, Second Printing
Publisher : Random House
Date Published : 1996
ISBN : 0679405135
ISBN13 : 9780679405139

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