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Bittersweet: A Novel

Author : McCullough, Colleen


Do bonds between sisters ever break? Edda, Grace, Tufts and Kitty didn’t think so. The four Latimer sisters, famous throughout New South Wales for their beauty, wit and ambition, have always been close; always happy. But then they left home to train as nurses, swapping the feather beds of their father’s townhouse for the spartan bunks of hospital accommodation. And now, as the Depression casts its shadow across Australia, they are bound by their own secret desires as the world changes around them. Will they find the independence they crave? Or is life – like love – always bittersweet?

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Format : Paperback
Condition : Very Good
Edition : Reprint
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Date Published : 2015
ISBN : 1476755442
ISBN13 : 9781476755441

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