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Silver: Return to Treasure Island

Author : Motion, Andrew

A rip-roaring sequel to Treasure Island — ”Robert Louis Stevenson’s beloved classic” — about two young friends and their high-seas adventure with dangerous pirates and long-lost treasure. It’s almost forty years after the events of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure. Jim Hawkins now runs an inn called the Hispaniola on the English coast with his son, Jim, and Long John Silver has returned to England to live in obscurity with his daughter, Natty. Their lives are quiet and unremarkable; their adventures have seemingly ended. But for Jim and Natty, the adventure is just beginning. One night, Natty approaches young Jim with a return to Treasure Island and find the remaining treasure that their fathers left behind so many years before. As Jim and Natty set sail in their fathers’ footsteps, they quickly learn that this journey will not be easy.  Immediately, they come up against murderous pirates.

Edition : First Edition
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9780307884879
ISBN : 307884872
Date Published : 2012
Publisher : Crown

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