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Author : Swift, Graham

Four men gather in a London pub. They have taken it upon themselves to carry out the last orders of Jack Dodds, master butcher, and deliver his ashes to the sea. As they drive towards the fulfillment of their mission, their errand becomes an extraordinary journey into their collective and individual pasts. Braiding these men’s voices, and that of Jack’s widow, into a choir of sorrow and resentment, passion and regret, Swift creates a testament to a changing England and to enduring mortality

Swift has involved us in real, lived lives…Quietly, but with conviction, he seeks to affirm the values of decency, loyalty, love.–New York Review of Books
A beautiful book…a novel that speaks profoundly of human need and tenderness. Even the most cynical will be warmed by it.–San Francisco Chronicle

Winner of the 1996 Booker Prize.

Edition : HC Reprint
Format : Hardcover


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Condition : Very Good
ISBN13 : 9780679412243
ISBN : 0679412247
Date Published : 1996
Publisher : Knopf

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