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The Satanic Verses

Author : Rushdie, Salman

A Hijacked Jumbo Jet Blows Apart High Above The English Channel. Two Figures, Gibreel And Saladin, Are Washed Up On An English Beach. Soon Curious Changes Occur–gibreel Seems To Have Acquired A Halo, While Saladin Grows Hooves And Bumps At His Temples. They Are Transformed Into Living Symbols Of What Is Angelic And Evil. This Is The Initial Act In An Odyssey That Merges The Actual With The Imagined. Angel Gibreel — Mahound — Ellowen Deeowen — Ayesha — City Visible But Unseen — Return To Jahilia — Angel Azraeel — Parting Of The Arabian Sea — Wonderful Lamp. Salman Rushdie.

Edition : 1
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9780670825370
ISBN : 0670825379
Date Published : 1989
Publisher : The Viking Press

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