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The Story of the Easter Bunny

Author : Tegen, Katherine

Everyone knows that the Easter Bunny comes every year with a basket of painted eggs andchocolates. But who is the Easter Bunny, and what is his story?

On a snow-cold day in a snug little house … So begins the true story of the Easter Bunny.

A little white rabbit watches and helps an old couple make chocolate and paint Easter eggs. As each year passes, the little white rabbit helps out a little bit more until he becomes the Easter Bunny, with the help of a few furry friends.

Katherine Tegen has fashioned an original tale that explains the origin of one of childhood’s favorite legends. Delicate and marvelously detailed paintings make this magical story completely believable.


Edition : Illustrated
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9780060507114
ISBN : 006050711X
Date Published : 2005
Publisher : HarperCollins

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