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Coronado: Stories

Author : Lehane, Dennis


Now available with a contemporary look, a must-have collection of riveting short stories from the New York Times bestselling author of Mystic River and Shutter Island . “Locations are vivid and crisp, characters are memorable and, most importantly, the story lines dig into you and leave their mark.”  —Boston Herald When it comes to contemporary crime fiction there’s no territory quite as dangerous and unpredictable as that of New York Times bestselling author Dennis Lehane. These five short stories and a play are Lehane at his visceral best. In “Running Out of Dog,” a vet returning from Vietnam is asked to redirect the violent skills he learned overseas to deal with his hometown’s rampant population of strays. “ICU” follows a hunted man who finds refuge in the oddest place imaginable. Surprises await a gang of Texas high-school football jocks who lay siege to a luxury home in the suburbs in “Gone Down to Corpus.” And in “Mushrooms,” a simple theft triggers a series of murders that forces a disillusioned young girl to consider her next move. This collection also includes “Until Gwen” and its stage adaptation, Coronado , which expands on the trenchant tale of a morally bankrupt conman father, his ill-fated son, and the woman they have in common.  In Lehane’s capable hands, each story faces unflinchingly the darkest depths of the human experience—sin and redemption, loss and longing, flesh and blood—delivering a knockout punch that’ll have readers reeling.

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Format : Paperback
Condition : Good
Edition : 1st Trade Paperback Edition
Publisher : Harper Perennial
Date Published : 2007
ISBN : 0061139718
ISBN13 : 9780061139710

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