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Author : Pamuk, Orhan

After Years Of Lonely Political Exile, Turkish Poet Ka Returns To Istanbul To Attend His Mother’s Funeral And Learns About A Series Of Suicides Among Pious Girls Forbidden To Wear Headscarves. The Journey To Kars — The Outlying Districts — Poverty And History — Ka Meets Ipek In The New Life Pastry Shop — The First And Last Conversation Between The Murderer And His Victim — Love, Religion, And Poetry: Muhtar’s Sad Story — At Party Headquarters, Police Headquarters, And Once Again In The Streets — Blue And Rüstem — A Nonbeliever Who Does Not Want To Kill Himself — Snow And Happiness — Ka With Sheikh Efendi — The Sad Story Of Necip And Hicran — A Walk Through The Snow With Kadife — The Dinner Conversation Turns To Love, Head Scarves, And Suicide — At The National Theater — Necip Describes His Landscape And Ka Recites His Poem — A Play About A Girl Who Burns Her Head Scarf — A Revolution Onstage — The Night Of The Revolution — While Ka Slept And When He Woke The Next Morning — Ka In The Cold Rooms Of Terror — Sunay Zaim’s Military And Theatrical Careers — With Sunay At Military Headquarters — The Six-sided Snowflake — Ka With Kadife In The Hotel Room — Blue’s Statement To The West — Ka Urges Turgut Bey To Sign The Statement — Ka With Ipek In The Hotel Room — In Frankfurt — A Short Spell Of Happiness — The Secret Meeting At The Hotel Asia — On Love, Insignificance, And Blue’s Disappearance — The Fear Of Being Shot — The Mediator — Ka With Blue In His Cell — Bargaining In Which Life Vies With Theater, And Art With Politics — Preparations For The Play To End All Plays — An Enforced Visit — Ka And Ipek Meet At The Hotel — The First Half Of The Chapter — The Missing Green Notebook — From Ipek’s Point Of View — The Final Act — Four Years Later, In Kars. Orhan Pamuk ; Translated From The Turkish By Maureen Freely. Originally Published In Turkey As Kar By İletiṣim, Istanbul, In 2002. — T.p. Verso. This Is A Borzoi Book. — T.p. Verso. Translated From The Turkish.

Edition : 1
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9780375406973
ISBN : 0375406972
Date Published : 2004
Publisher : Knopf