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Speak: A Novel

Author : Hall, Louisa

A Young Puritan Woman Travels To The New World With Her Unwanted New Husband. Alan Turing, The Renowned Mathematician And Code Breaker, Writes Letters To His Best Friend’s Mother. A Jewish Refugee And Professor Of Computer Science Struggles To Reconnect With His Increasingly Detached Wife. An Isolated And Traumatized Young Girl Exchanges Messages With An Intelligent Software Program. A Former Silicon Valley Wunderkind Is Imprisoned For Creating Illegal Lifelike Dolls. Each Of These Characters Is Attempting To Communicate Across Gaps — To Estranged Spouses, Lost Friends, Future Readers, Or A Computer Program That May Or May Not Understand Them. Louisa Hall.

Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9780062391193
ISBN : 0062391194
Date Published : 2015
Publisher : Ecco