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Holy the Firm

Author : Dillard, Annie

“[This] is a book of great richness, beauty and power and thus very difficult to do justice to in a brief review. . . . The violence is sometimes unbearable, the language rarely less than superb. Dillard’s description of the moth’s death makes Virginia Woolf’s go dim and Edwardian. . . . Nature seen so clear and hard that the eyes tear. . . . A rare and precious book.” — Frederick Buechner,  New York Times Book Review From Pulitzer Prize-winning Annie Dillard, a book about the grace, beauty, and terror of the natural world.  In the mid 1970s, Annie Dillard spent two years on an island in Puget Sound in a room with a solitary window, a cat, and a spider for company, asking herself questions about memory, time, sacrifice, reality, death, and God. Holy the Firm , the diary-like collection of her thoughts, feelings, and ruminations during this time, is a lyrical gift to any reader who have ever wondered how best to live with grace and wonder in the natural world.

Edition : Revised
Format : Paperback


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Condition : Very Good
ISBN13 : 9780060915438
ISBN : 0060915439
Date Published : 1977
Publisher : Harper Perennial

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