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How to Clone the Perfect Blonde: Using Science to Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Author : Nelson, Sue, Hollingham, Richard

Clones of Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz. A robotic housekeeper who makes your bed every morning. A permanent size 6 figure. These are all just fantasies . . . or are they ? How much do you really know about gene therapy, artificial intelligence, and bionic modification?
In How to Clone the Perfect Blonde , award-winning journalists Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham show how cutting-edge science will eventually make your wildest dreams come true. With amazing anecdotes and breezy humor, they describe the latest discoveries in biotechnology, quantum mechanics, cryogenics, nanotechnology, wormholes, and much more — complete with ironic “instructions” on How to Build a Robotic Servant, How to Live Forever, How to Turn Back Time, and more. You’ll be amazed to learn how many of these “fantasies” are already well within our reach.
In the tradition of bestselling pop-science books such as The Physics of Star Trek and How to Build a Time Machine , this entertaining read explores the science of science fiction — and proves that anything is possible!

Edition : First Edition
Format : Paperback


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ISBN13 : 9781594740084
ISBN : 1594740089
Date Published : 2004
Publisher : Quirk Books

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