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Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues

Author : Dean, James, Dean, Kimberly

Bedtime is always fun with this hilarious bedtime story from Kimberly and James Dean’s New York Times bestselling Pete the Cat series. Pete the Cat and his friends are having so much fun playing and surfing in the sun, they don’t want the day to end. Pete has an idea—how about a sleepover? Groovy! As the night gets later, it’s time for bed. This cool cat needs to catch some ZZZs, but Pete’s friends aren’t ready to go to sleep just yet. Then Pete has another idea—a bedtime story! But will it work? The musical text and comforting repetition are perfect for nighttime read-alouds. Kids will be eager to snuggle under the covers and drift off to sleep to this bedtime story along with Pete’s really cool friends.

Edition : Illustrated
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9780062304308
ISBN : 62304305
Date Published : 2015-10-06
Publisher : HarperCollins

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