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Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions

Author : Wallace, Daniel


first annual reps’ choice. Edward bloom is dying, and his son william still doesn’t know him. He knows some things about his father: edward never missed school, even in the worst snowstorms. He could outrun anybody. He was generous. He had a way with animals. He knew every good joke ever told. He was a great salesman. A visionary. He saved lives. He knew how to court and win a woman. He was a good friend. He was an adulterer. These things william knows. But william realizes he still doesn’t know his father: how he thinks, what is important to him–or who he really is. Sitting by his father’s deathbed, william tries to understand the elusive edward bloom, the man quickly slipping from his grasp who is more interested in evading his son’s questions than in answering them. In fact, edward is most interested in running through his repertoire of classic jokes. This is his final performance, he’s fading fast, and he’s milking those last moments for all they’re worth. Who can blame him for that? and so, as the son grows increasingly desperate to know the man about to step over permanently to the other side, he begins to make up stories. In a wonderful sleight of hand, william recreates his father’s life in heroic proportions. William reconstructs edward’s life from beginning to end through a series of tales, legends, and myths; in doing so, he finds a way to understand his father’s great feats and great failings, and he finds a way to say good-bye. With a mixture of humor and pathos, big fish teaches us about the transformative powers of joke telling and storytelling, and one magical way of moving from life to death. Advance praise for big fish: “a talented and fascinatingwriter. Daniel wallace has created a jewel in big fish.”–winston groom, author of forrest gump; “big fish is going to make a very big splash! it’s got everything: heart, wonderful writing, and accessibility . . . A very special novel which may well become a classic.”–lee smith, author of news of the spirit.

james polk
in this first novel, daniel wallace…Adds legends and folk tales from the southern backwoods, throws in a smattering of greek myth and attaches a few of his own inventions. Applying all of these…Resulted in a story that is both comic and poignant. — new york times book review

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Format : Paperback
Condition :
Edition : Reissue
Publisher : Penguin Books
Date Published : 2003
ISBN : 142004278
ISBN13 : 9780142004272

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