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The Faces of Fantasy

Author : Perret, Patti


In 1984 Patti Perret produced The Faces of Science Fiction, a book of photographs of science fiction writers that became an instant classic, garnering praise from authors and critics alike.
Patti Perret returns with The Faces of Fantasy, a unique collection of the visual and literary arts, a rare treasure that will be kept in an honored place on your bookshelf for years to come.
In the process of creating her art, Patti Perret has herself been changed. “The relationships I’ve had with these writers have been brief, and yet also intense. One needs to go beyond the surface, beyond the setting, to a place of trust – achieving a level of intimacy, a kind of nonverbal communication that allows the magic to happen and to be captured by the camera. This, I’ve discovered – as I’ve traveled and talked to so many writers of fantasy – is the similarity between our two fields. We’re all trying to capture magic.”

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Format : Paperback
Condition :
Edition : First Edition Ex-Lib
Publisher : Tor Books
Date Published : 1996
ISBN : 312862164
ISBN13 : 9780312862169

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