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100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories

Author : Various

Be afraid, be very afraid: really scary things can come in small packages, and these 100 frightening little tales offer big chills and thrills. They represent more than 150 year’s worth of writing, and include the greats:

H.P. Lovecraft (“The Terrible Old Man”),

Ambrose Bierce (“The Stranger”),

Lafcadio Hearn (“A Dead Secret”),

Oscar Wilde (“The Sphinx Without a Secret”),

J. Sheridan Le Fanu (“The Ghost and the Bone-Setter”).

Using a minimum of elements, each ghost story in this collection will entertain, captivate, and evoke a powerful response in readers.

So be warned: you might not want to read these while you’re all alone in the house…


Edition : Reprint
Format : Hardcover


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ISBN13 : 9781566191067
ISBN : 1566191068
Date Published : 1993
Publisher : Barnes & Noble Books

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